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Houston Glass Repair

Why should you select a glass door?

This is a question which everyone will have in their mind. Glass being so delicate is not a very feasible option. If this is your thought, it is time to change it. Gone are the days when glass was very fragile. Today, the glass material has evolved and technology has made it very strong. Thus, durability is something which it provides. But you should be very careful about the chipping of the tips of the glass. You should be careful about this and everything else is taken care. Thus, the glass door Houston is not as fragile as you think but this also depends on the type of glass that you have purchased and the budget you have for it.

Want to use this door for your office cabin? 

This is a very good idea and you can very well get it done…

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Brand New Website

We have given our website a complete overhaul from top to bottom. http://aegisdoors.com is now much more engaging, you can view every door we carry along with its detailed specifications. “The user experience is phenomenal, unmatched by our previous website.” All our interior doors a viewable in beautiful carousel in each category section. All doors are linked to to its own individual page and the entire website contains almost 200 pages.

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What is a slab door?

We have been asked on occasion what a slab door is. A slab door, also known as a door slab, is the opposite of a prehung door. It is just a rectangular slab of wood, composite, or steel. There is no frame, no hinges or any other hardware. Remodelers and the like would be responsible for attaching the wooden slab to the door frame via hinges. And there you have it, that’s a slab door.


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AMD Convention & Tradeshow

We enjoyed attending the AMD tradeshow in Atlanta last week. A lot of companies were in attendance with a lot of good ideas. Technology is going to have a great effect in this industry for the next decade or so and we had a lot of interesting conversations on the subject with some very intelligent individuals.

Being prepared, embracing, and even influencing these changes is what we are doing here at Aegis Global Corp and we are excited about the opportunities that will arise with these coming changes.

Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing you next year.


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Augmented Reality

Our new app using augmented reality is now complete and pending Apple approval. This app shows how different doors will look in your home using augmented reality on your phone or tablet. We look forward to showcasing this next week at the 49th annual AMD tradeshow convention.

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